The Garrison Speed Shop

Wish List

GSS is always interested in receiving new or lightly used equipment/supplies from donors.  And remember! Each donation is tax deductible!

Shop Supplies: toolboxes, shop fan (20-24"), fasteners (nuts/bolts/washers), fastener cabinet, hand tools, rags, rolling shop stools, motorcycle lifts, fire extinguishers, safety glasses, gloves (nitrile and welding), hearing protection, metal fabrication supplies, MIG and TIG welding consumables, 1/8"-1/2" steel plate, scrap steel/metal cut-offs 1/8"-1/2" (mild steel, stainless, aluminum), tire machine, tire balancer, extension cord reels (25’, 50’), oil containment units, drill press(110v or 220v), drill bits (for steel), plasma cutter (220v), 3/8" torque wrench, cordless impact gun 3/8", cordless drill, C-clamps (4", 6", 8"), vise-grip style C-clamps for welding projects, motorcycle take-off parts, spray paint (primers/paints), motorcycle signage, exterior business sign

Office Supplies: shredder, printing paper, envelopes, stamps, manilla folders, fan, tissues, bathroom cleaning supplies

Electronics: wifi points, ethernet cables, long USB cables, laptops, external hard drives, thumb drives, GoPro camera (for documenting clinics, events, etc.)

Furniture: folding chairs, folding tables for events(6’, 8’), shelving for office

Recreation: Ping-Pong table, Ping-Pong paddles, Ping-Pong balls, dart board, darts, VR, PS4/5, Xbox, controllers for consoles, Cornhole Boards/Set, health and wellness equipment, rowing machine, squat rack, Olympic barbell, leg press machine, squat rack, dumbbells, bands, floor mats, stall mats