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A Dedicated Space To Work
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      Lack Garage Space at Home?

      Bring your bike to The Garrison Speed Shop! Here, alongside experts and fellow riders, you'll find a community ready to share skills, friendship, and the thrill of improvement. Our fully equipped bays, complete with lifts and tools, are your new haven for motorcycle care. Dive into a world where learning, connection, and bike enhancement happen seamlessly. Join us, and let's make every ride better together.

      In-House Mechanic

      Get unparalleled mechanical expertise for your bike at The Garrison Speed Shop. Our in-house adept mechanic specializes in everything from routine fluid changes to intricate engine work for all types of motorcycles, including Harleys and foreign imports, all at an unbeatable rate of $100/hr*. (Subject to change*)

      Your Bike Deserves


      A top choice among motorcycle enthusiasts for superior engine protection and performance. Trust your ride to the advanced synthetic formulas that AMSOIL offers, knowing your bike is getting the best in the business. This collaboration is part of our commitment to using only high-quality products, ensuring that every service meets our high standards and your expectations.

      Harddrive V-Twin Dealer

      Elevate your motorcycle project with parts from WPS Hard Drive, a name trusted in the bike community for quality and performance. Find everything you need to enhance your ride at The Garrison Speed Shop for all your customization dreams.

      Dive into your project with confidence at The Garrison Speed Shop. Surrounded by a cache of tools and the guidance of in-house experts, every repair or upgrade becomes an opportunity to learn, connect, and excel alongside local riders. We're here to ensure your bike project is a success.