Empowering Heroes,
Building Community

Who We Are

As a Veteran-founded sanctuary, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing the lives of Veterans and First Responders through engaging activities and skill development. Our community fosters resilience, growth, and strong bonds, leveraging the transformative power of shared experiences.

What We Do

Through a blend of hands-on workshops and collaborative projects, we offer a supportive space for skill enhancement, mental wellness, and building camaraderie. Our programs are designed to engage, inspire, and uplift, catering specifically to the unique needs of our heroes.

Here to help

Our commitment extends beyond activities; we are a pillar of support focusing on mental wellness intertwined seamlessly with our initiatives. By promoting mental health awareness and providing a nurturing environment, we facilitate healing, connection, and empowerment for those who've served.


Born from a vision sketched on a napkin, The Garrison Speed Shop transformed an empty garage into a hub for Veterans, First Responders, and bike enthusiasts. It's more than a workshop with bays and tools—it's a place where community and craftsmanship merge, supported by a dedicated mechanic to guide every project. This foundation of support, skill-building, and fellowship is what the founders dreamed of—a unique space for shared passions and growth.

A Rapid Rise to Unity

Ben and Luke have magnified the impact of The Garrison Speed Shop far beyond its size, crafting a unique community that bridges diverse backgrounds. Their vision has rapidly united individuals around a shared mission, creating a significant and lasting influence.


The Garrison Speed Shop is rooted in ambitious goals for expansion and deeper community integration over the next five to ten years. Our goal is to see the shop becoming a central hub for motorcycle enthusiasts, extending its reach through increased workshop offerings, community events, and support services. Plans include enhancing the physical space to accommodate more projects and incorporating advanced training programs. The ultimate aim is to solidify its role as a beacon for Veterans and First Responders, providing a larger platform for healing, learning, and brotherhood.

Meet the Founders

Discover their story and the passion that drives every aspect of the shop.

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24/7 Support For Veterans

For Veterans facing a crisis, immediate help is available. Connect with the Veterans Crisis Hotline for confidential support anytime, day or night.

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Unforgettable Moments


We kick off riding season with our annual fundraiser followed by a scenic drive through Massachusetts.

Truck Pull Fundraiser

Garrison Speed Shop proudly participated as a competing team in the truck pull fundraiser organized by Barbell 88, alongside Uplifting Heroes. This event highlighted the community's strength and dedication to supporting Veterans and First Responders.

Annual Chili Battle

Our annual Chili Battle fundraiser spices up support for Veterans, pitting culinary skills against each other for a heartwarming cause.

Want to get involved?

Support our community by attending our events! Each gathering strengthens our mission and uplifts spirits. Click to see upcoming events and join us in making a difference.