Bike Builds & Donation

Custom Motorcycle Projects & Support

At The Garrison Speed Shop, we're dedicated to ensuring Veterans and First Responders with a passion for riding aren't held back by any barriers. Annually, we select a local hero, nominated by their community, for a custom Motorcycle Build and Giveaway, tailored to their specific needs. We encourage the entire Garrison Speed Shop community to get involved in this heartfelt project, truly making it a collaborative effort to support those who've served us.

"Garrison Speed shop is a great organization that brings help to verterans and first responders through their own interests so it doesn't feel like reaching out for help - which is so hard to do. Instead , it builds a community that feels comfortable to be a part of and allows them to literally work through their issues and make connections."

- Debbie C.
Project Just Because Inc.

The Garrison Speed Shop welcomes motorcycle donations. If you're looking to contribute, your motorcycle can serve as a vital resource for our community. Donated bikes may be used for hands-on practice, enhancing skills, or even provided for someone in need to ride. It's a wonderful way to give back, ensuring your bike continues to bring joy and utility to others passionate about riding.

Support the Journey

Consider supporting our mission with a financial gift, enabling us to continue enriching the community and maintaining the shop's legacy.