Sponsorship Package

Service Station



At The Garrison Speed Shop we have three available self-service stations for Veterans & First Responders to facilitate their projects utilizing shop supplied tools, and consumables. Through the support of our station sponsors, we can continue to keep these stations fully stocked with mechanics tools, specialty tools, and safety equipment to perform all tasks and projects at hand. Lastly, and most importantly, with your support we can continue to keep all of our self-service station access for Veterans & First Responders FREE!


  • Safety Equipment/PPE: Purchase or replacement of PPE & all shop supplied safety items.
  • Station Consumables: such as trash bags, nitrile gloves, paper shop rags, cloth shop rags, electrical tape, electrical wire/connectors, zip-ties, and aerosols.
  • Specialty Tools/Equipment: Purchase of specialty tools/equipment for the jobs that standard mechanics tools does not adequately facilitate.
  • Station Storage: To include saddlebag stands, parts shelves etc.
  • A portion of the proceeds will go toward purchasing equipment such as a tire changer, balancer, battery chargers, oil pans, oily rag storage units, waste oil storage units, etc.
  • Business name/logo represented on www.garrisonspeedshop.org website.
  • Business name/logo represented at sponsored station on a banner or signage.
  • Business name/logo featured in social media posts throughout the year in “action shots” at sponsored station.
  • Promotional Package (GSS Hoodie & T-Shirt)

Your Impact

These donations help support our facility overhead costs, fund our programming needs, and help GSS attend events promoting our mission to further reach our Veterans and First Responders.