Sponsorship Package

Tip Of The Spear



The TIP OF THE SPEAR sponsorship package covers all overhead costs of our facility for one operating year. More importantly it allows for our local Veterans & First Responders to access our Vocational & Recreational programs FREE of charge. Our goal since the beginning has been a fully funded approach to our vocational and recreational services, so that no individual is discouraged to participate due to their financial situation.


  • Business name/logo on GSS Ez-Up tent for all onsite/offsite events.
  • Business name/logo on all GSS official event apparel and/or promotional items (AVG 3-4 events per year).
  • Business name/logo represented on shop space wall.
  • Business name/logo represented on recreational center wall.
  • Business name/logo represented on special event and current shop event posts throughout the year.
  • Business name/logo displayed in all our Annual GSS Bike Build media posts and video content coverage of the build (hashtags and/or mentions).
  • Business name/logo represented on www.garrisonspeedshop.org website.
  • Business name/logo on GSS Banner(s) for all onsite/offsite events.
  • Business name/logo represented in GSS social media posts 2x monthly on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Promotional Package (GSS Swag Bag)

Your Impact

  • Monthly Rent of 6500 sq/ft Facility
  • Monthly Utilities to include power, heat, trash pick-up.
  • Internet/Phone
  • Insurances associated with shop activities.
  • Administrative and business software expenses.
  • Monthly consumable expenses for vocational clinics/programs.
  • Staffing/Accounting/Bookkeeping expenses.
  • Facilities FREE full access of all equipment and tools to Veterans & First Responders participating in programs, clinics and self-service stations.

These donations help support our facility overhead costs, fund our programming needs, and help GSS attend events promoting our mission to further reach our Veterans and 1st Responders.