Meet The Founders

Ben Hendricks & Luke Young

Ben brings his tactical discipline and a deep passion for rehabilitation to the shop. With over two decades of riding experience, he's committed to using motorcycles as a therapeutic tool for Veterans and First Responders, aiming to build a supportive network through shared experiences on and off the road.

Luke's journey from the U.S. Army to the race tracks and into manufacturing has equipped him with unparalleled skills in mechanics and a profound understanding of the power of community. His goal is to offer a space where learning, healing, and fellowship converge, ensuring every rider finds their path to wellness and fulfillment.

United by their military backgrounds and a love for motorcycles, Ben and Luke founded The Garrison Speed Shop to serve as more than just a repair shop. It's a hub for healing, learning, and connection, driven by the belief that motorcycles can be catalysts for change. Their mission is to offer a sanctuary where Veterans and First Responders can forge lasting bonds, pursue new skills, and ride towards a brighter future.