Sponsorship Package


$10,000 - $19,999


The REINFORCEMENTS sponsorship package allows The Garrison Speed Shop to acquire high cost equipment to further expand program proficiency for all participants, as well as expanding offsite retreats & clinics throughout the year. Lastly, these funds will assist in our annual motorcycle donation build for a Veteran or First Responder in the community.


  • Business name/logo represented on www.garrisonspeedshop.org website.
  • Business name/logo on GSS banner for all onsite events.
  • Business name and/or logo represented in social media posts throughout the year on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Promotional Package (GSS Swag Bag).

Your Impact

These donations help support our facility overhead costs, fund our programming needs, and help GSS attend events promoting our mission to further reach our Veterans and 1stResponders.