Sponsorship Package

We Stand With The Garrison

$600 - $4,800 ANNUALLY


It is important to us at The Garrison Speed Shop to be an integral part of the community and to work together with local businesses that want to help impact the lives of Veterans and First Responders within it. With the help of all of YOU, we can continue to facilitate those needs of our local heroes and offer a place that fosters support, meaning, purpose, and accomplishment.


  • GARRISON 1: $400 monthly ($4,800 yearly)
  • GARRISON 2: $300 monthly ($3,600 yearly)
  • GARRISON 3: $200 monthly ($2,400 yearly)
  • GARRISON 4: $100 monthly ($1,200 yearly)
  • GARRISON 5: $50 monthly ($600 yearly)


Each of the STAND WITH THE GARRISON packages work together to assist in program expansion, small equipment upgrades and purchases, hiring of part-time staff, and the flexibility to coordinate fun experiences such as camping trips, ATV/UTV trips, sporting events, and social events here at our recreational space. We recognize that not all businesses are able to support on a higher level and we want to make it affordable for the small businesses locally to feel like they have options available to still make an impact!

  • Business name/logo represented on www.garrisonspeedshop.org website.
  • Business name/logo represented in onsite event posts on Facebook & Instagram throughout the year.
  • Promotional Package (GSS Hoodie & T-Shirt for G1-G3, Hoodie or T-Shirt for G4-G5)

Your Impact

These donations help support our facility overhead costs, fund our programming needs, and help GSS attend events promoting our mission to further reach our Veterans and First Responders.